Limo Square - Leading luxury transportation service in Paris (France) & Paris airports.

About Limo Square

About Limo Square

Who is Limo Square ?

  • Mercedes S Class

    Leader in luxury transportation

    Limo Square is a leader in luxury transportation and is distinguished thanks to its solid experience in tourism and hospitality industry.

    We own a national transport licence that allows us to be in order with the French law and to operate on all the national and European territory.

  • Limo Square - Courtesy and Expertise

    courtesy & expertise

    Our team aims daily to your total satisfaction, through the courtesy and expertise of our chauffeurs, the quality and comfort of our fleet, the punctuality and preciseness of our services, with a particular attention to your safety.

  • Limo Square - Service quality

    Quality of services

    Should you organise your own trip, a group business event or a touristic trip, Limo Square’s team stands ready to help you with your transportation by providing you the highest quality of services.

  • Limo Square - Green act

    Limo Square green act

    As of August 2009, the team of Limo Square is actively engaged in the fight for the planet and its sustainable development, as it takes the necessary steps in joining the voluntary charter ‘’Target CO2’’, established by the Department of Environment and ADEME, and aiming at reducing CO2 emissions.

  • While we wait for the arrival of real green vehicles adapted to the needs of our profession, Limo Square takes the lead in carrying out substantive work in all areas required by the charter ‘’Target CO2’’:

    • * Training teams to a more efficient eco driving.
    • * Mixture of fuel with specific additives to reduce emissions of CO2.
    • * Technological equipment for the monitoring of the fleet and reducing the unnecessary mileage.
    • * Electric components for vehicles to reduce fuel consumption.

    Limo Square self-funds 100% of the costs necessary to achieve the charter "target CO2" ...

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